empowerment photographer

Em·pow·er·ment: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

You have the right to love your body, to feel beautiful, to be in control of how you define your own beauty. The experience I offer enables you to do just that! Join me in reclaiming your self love with timeless, beautiful, true-to-you imagery that you can cherish forever!


my motto

“Make choices that liberate you.” - Danielle LaPorte


Hi, I’m Kimberly Exshaw- an Empowerment Photographer and body positive advocate in Quesnel BC Canada. I serve women exclusively because I am so incredibly passionate about changing the narrative when it comes to body image and self acceptance.

My style is emotive, sensual & timeless. Nearly everything I do is in black & white, it’s my jam. There’s something about it that touches my soul- I am captivated by it. I can easily get lost in its story & details. I’m forever looking to the past for inspiration & motivation- Ansel Adams (for this gorgeous landscapes that somehow I always translate to the human body), Marilyn Monroe (for her uninhibited, make-no-excuses sexual energy), Edward S. Curtis (for this stunning First Nations portraiture) and John Wayne (because he makes me feel protected, rebellious and strong). I’m also inspired by Lady Gaga (for her rebellious, self acceptance spirit- it runs deep inside me).

I love keeping things natural (no heavy photoshopping for me), uncomplicated & sensual. I love highlighting your natural beauty- if it’s a permanent feature like moles, scars and stretch marks it gets softened but it stays. I’m big on self acceptance. You can’t accept what you chose to hide.

I love playing with light, shadow & suggestion but not in an objectifying way. I want you to leave our session together feeling empowered, beautiful, desired and confident. I believe every BODY deserves to be admired, appreciated and loved deeply regardless of size, shape or age. Too many of us can’t find beauty in our own skin and I feel the weight of that every day. I want to change that! Every woman should feel beautiful and accepted. Before committing to boudoir photography full time (I was a private freelance photographer for over 10 years and have also edited for other photographers), I was a Body Positive & Problematic Eating Coach. I know how hard it can be to accept your body. Although I am more accepting of my curves and features now that wasn’t always the case. I struggled for years with a host of different eating disorders & body image dysmorphia. I always felt like I wasn’t enough; I wasn’t desirable, I wasn’t loveable.

What I’ve learned is- it’s not about weight, features, curves or even the body itself- it’s our perspective of ourselves that matter most. What we think and what we are told isn’t always the truth- but for some reason, we disregard the beautiful words and relive the negative ones over & over again until they become our ‘truths’. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that I’m ugly, snaggled tooth, pimple faced, white trash, worthless, skinny little bitch, fat sow. It didn’t matter what size I was, what I looked like- someone always had something to say about me. That’s why beauty comes from within. Self acceptance starts with you; it’s a choice you make; it’s an internal job. YOU are in control of how you see yourself, who you are, what you think of yourself, what beauty is to you and what it means for you! Sometimes being able to SEE your body, you can start to appreciate it more. Self portraits have definitely helped heal a lot of misconceptions I had about what I look like. A good photograph puts things into perceptive. I love hearing, “I’ve never seen myself this way- WOW, thank you for this,” from women I have photographed. I have witnessed women cry happy tears at their reveal and I feel so honoured by that because I KNOW something deep inside them has changed. This is my why. If the images I capture make you say that & feel that way, I know I’ve done my job well. It’s such a gift for someone to genuinely appreciate their beauty, their gorgeous curves, to feel empowered & confident. Not only that, but we’ll create beautiful mementos together that you can cherish forever. What I offer is more than just a photoshoot, its an EXPERIENCE. And it might just encourage you to see yourself in a whole new light!

Every single woman I photograph is nervous at first- whether it’s boudoir or portraits but I got you babe! We’ll spend time getting to know each other before your session and I’ll be there guiding you & posing you throughout the entire process. Your comfort & trust is incredibly important to me. We’ll laugh, have fun & create something absolutely stunning that is true to you. Still there? Let’s connect! I’d love to hear your story. kimberly@exshawstudios.com