Creating an art series

When I first met Helen at a women's group I was going through some heavy, heavy shit in my life. I was angry, discouraged, untrusting and deeply heartbroken. Listening to her (and the other women in the Divinity group) speak their truth made me realize so many things. One being- I was not alone and the other was that it was ok to be vulnerable. It was ok to not be ok. That knowing served as a catalyst for much needed healing and change in my life.

I am beyond grateful for all that you do Helen. You facilitate so much more than I think you even know. I wanted to share this with you in person but I know I would have cried... which would have made capturing your essence nearly impossible haha. So thank you again. <3

She's hosting a First Day of Winter Full Moon Ceremony on Dec 22 at 2pm and includes Breathwork and Kundalini yoga. RSVP in advance as seating is limited. I recommend wholeheartedly you attend. Its a truly beautiful experience.

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