What the World Needs

Creating an art series

It's been really hard not sharing the actual photos of the Where Love Resides Series 'cause I love them so much (for one, Shannon's eyes are unbelievably soul piercing <3 ). But, I think the wait will be worth it! All the women I have photographed mean something to me- whether its through inspiration, friendship or gratitude; they were chosen with intent. I want this series to be more than just models posing for me. I want it to mean something that goes beyond the studio- not just to those viewing the series but to the women I photograph as well. For some of us, myself included, showing vulnerability and sharing our femininity in front of a camera feels too intimate, uncomfortable and even dangerous. It takes great strength and bravery to show such tenderness, to share our essence. This, I believe, is what the world needs more of- vulnerability- the Divine Feminine. Bleed this out into the world. I very much appreciate all those who have posed for me, deep gratitude to you all. I know it wasn’t easy to be seen and I hope by seeing these images of yourself spark even more self love and acceptance in your hearts because you really truly are beautiful. YOU define who you are and what beauty is. We are all pieces of the same light. #whereloveresides

Thank you so much Shannon Halliday for making me laugh, being so open and vulnerable. You my friend, are one ahhhh-mazing human being. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Much Love xo

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