It doesn't come easy.

Kimberly Exshaw

It doesn’t come easy this gig. Self doubt is the bitch in the dark corner whispering, sometimes yelling, at me all the time- “you’re not good enough, you’re not worth it.” For which I reply after a good hard cry “bitch, sit down, shut up and let me do ma thing!” Sometimes I take her criticism cause its needed but when its about worth, I tell her to take a back seat. I know that if I let her win (and sometimes she does), I stop… I stop growing, experimenting and having fun which is a total bummer and super self sabotaging… nobody wins. Others might not see your worth RIGHT NOW, so make it your job to educate them! This is something I know I still need to do and more often. People don’t know unless you show them. I bet you didn’t know that I spend on average 20-60 min editing EACH image. I know- probably crazy to some but this IS MY ART- plus, I love playing with light, shadows and making ya all look killa’ hot without over doing it to the point of not looking like you anymore! If, after you educate them and they still question your worth, they are definitely not your people and that’s OK- just find knew peeps! Settling for less just makes you feel slighted or ripped off which doesn’t bring good vibes to what you’re doing & people can feel that. Be fair, stay true and keep doing what you love. #youareworthittrustme #artistsneedtohearthis

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