She Felt Empowered & Beautiful!


“I felt so empowered and beautiful!”

I get SOOOOO giddy when a client gives their consent to a release! Ahhhhh, I love sharing and hope you do too- even if its just a few images from your shoot ;)

Meet Ms.N - musician/friend/client. I’ve photographed her before and always love working with her. She trusts me to do my job. And I think trust is a big part of how well a session will turn out. The more you trust, the better the experience and more gorgeous the end result. (But, I always take your comfort level into account- from modest to straight up kink but like classy kink if thats a word lol. Never objectifying- the down under lady bits are always in the shadows. You will NEVER feel like a piece of meat!!! This isn’t for male entertainment, its for YOU! Do it for you! Do it to appreciate your body, admire your features and curves and hopefully, foster more body acceptance & a healthier body image. I could ramble on about this & the misconceptions around boudoir but I think its best to save it for another post. I tend to get a lil fired up about it lol).

We gain trust with consults where we get to know each other better ;) If you’re considering a shoot with me (whether its a portrait session or boudoir session), I’d be happy to have a chat with you to see if we’re the right fit for one another! Schedule a consult here.

It feels like Mardi Gras in my heart when someone says, “thank you for making me feel so beautiful. I feel so empowered and confident after a session with you”. Nothing makes my heart soar higher than a woman owning her power and appreciating HER beauty!! I get emotional just thinking about it. This experience it meant to empower you, make you feel confident and beautiful. I want you to fall in love with your body; I want you to admire the images we capture together and reconnect with that sensual side deep inside you where acceptance and love lives… I want you to wake her up and come out to play. She’s in there, trust me!

Well, enough of me rambling on… Nikki’s excited to share so here ya go! Leave her some love ladies! xo