I have had a lot of boudoir inquiries lately (much more than I thought I’d would) which is super cool. I love my work appreciated and desired but what’s sad about it is- the comments that are made. Breaks my heart 💔. “I don’t know if I can do this, I’m fat,” “I’m not attractive enough”, “I have cellulite... scars... love handles etc etc etc”. Fuck that shit, fuck all that shit! I’m ugly crying writing this because I KNOW.

These comments are EXACTLY WHY I DO THIS! 
Coming from someone who has loathed their physical appearance (I was never thin enough, pretty enough, curvy enough, enough, enough, enough), I can tell you this experience is empowering. It gives you a FRESH PERSPECTIVE you didn’t think was possible. Can you imagine what it would feel like to see yourself and love what you see? I’ve had women cry because they finally seen their beauty and they were appreciating it- really appreciating it probably for the first time. Watching them look at themselves and loving what they see really MOVES me. I promise you, you will feel beautiful, you will leave empowered, liberated, and with a new found appreciation for YOUR beauty. Beauty is what you make of it... and it starts with YOUR WILLINGNESS to start accepting you for YOU. Embrace your sensuality, embrace your curves (dimples, lumps, bumps, fat and all). Stop comparing for fuck sakes. Please stop fucking comparing!!!! When it comes to beauty, you are your own island! You are YOU. There is no other. If you need a beauty pick me up, a confidence boost this is it! It is NEVER vain to want that for yourself!!!!!! It all starts with you- self acceptance is an internal job! No one (read that over again), NO ONE on this planet can do that for you but YOU. You have to believe it. And a good photograph is a great way to start admiring your features- you can’t appreciate what you refuse to see. I call it- photographic therapy! If you trust me, we can do amazing things together. A consultation is a great way to build that trust. If, however, we can’t get there and I feel you’re not willing or lack trust in me to do my job I wouldn’t shoot you. It wouldn’t be good for either of us. I will NEVER steer you wrong.

If you’ve been on the fence, lets connect or reconnect and sit down with a glass of Jacobs Creek and get comfy with one another ❤️ I have one consult left this week (Friday) for either boudoir or portraits and several next week, to book email me directly at or click the link here to chose a day and book >>

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“Your work is brilliant and worth every penny you charge.”

“I felt empowered and beautiful!!”

“Wow, I’ve never seen myself like this. Thank you.”

Kimberly Exshaw