She Was So Nervous! Miss S’s Shoot.

This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with Miss S (I’ve done portraits for her before)…. but boudoir is different. Its intimate, personal, revealing and because of that it can be nerve wracking before a session. She was excited but sooo nervous… I knew once we started those nerves would melt away and they did. '‘I really felt so comfortable!!! The outfits you have are amazing! Love them and I just love you!! Honestly you made the experience so warm and calm!” We all feel NERVOUS - even panicked before a session because essentially our bodies are on display and it can make us feel self conscious about our bodies…. BOYYYYY DO I EVER KNOW THIS FEELING….. but its NORMAL!! Boudoir isn’t what you might think and once we start shooting, you’ll wonder why you were nervous to begin with because you’ll be having so much fun with it. I want you to feel comfortable with this experience. I want it to be enjoyable, empowering. I want you to leave feeling beautiful and uplifted. I’m super easy going, calming and down to earth. Your comfort and trust are incredibly important to me which is why even before a shoot we chat A LOT- calming nerves, sending me screenshots of the outfits you’ve picked out, reassuring you that this experience will be amazing! If I feel like you’re not ready, maybe too hesitate, I won’t book you. It wouldn’t benefit either of us. You gotta be willing.

I go slow, we’ll do a warm up and I always have wine. I demo each pose by sinking into it first so you know just what to do- no guessing and lots of hand holding :) I’m silly, so we laugh a lot, share stories and just bond. It’s one of my fave things… bonding, making connections. Connections fill my heart. When I get to hear what’s in your heart- it’s magic! Thank you for joining me Miss S! You’re one ahhh-mazing lady <3

Here’s what Miss S had to say about her experience:

“You are so amazing! I really enjoyed my time with you today ♥️. What you do is so very uplifting, powerful, and soul filling! You will change each woman’s lives you do a shoot with!”