"OMFG!!!" Best Email Ever. Miss M's Gallery

It’s a pretty amazing feeling opening an email to “OMFG!!! I am so in love with them!!! They are beautiful I can’t believe that’s me! Wow literally never seen pictures of myself that I’m like wow I actually love them. That’s truly such a gift. Thank you so much️️️ <3 <3 <3. Eek can’t stop looking!!!”

My heart JUMPED when I read that! I just LOVED her response so much!! I get so lit up and excited during a shoot, but a client’s response is my favourite by far because I know what it means… what it means to see yourself in a whole new light. To appreciate what you have and own it. To carry your head higher. To feel lit up from within. To say I SEE MY BEAUTY. To feel empowered!! That’s a priceless gift. And Miss M needed a boost. She admitted later just how much and I feel honoured to have been able to do that for her. She walked in with this amazing positive vibe and immediately I like her a lot. We jived so well. She was so trusting and just let me do my job and MY GAWD we created magic… I mean look at her! Wow, so absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I just LOVED working with her! She was a dream! In fact, we are pairing up again soon, so stay tuned for that. Thanks lady!!! Can not wait to see you again <3

“The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.”