The Haunting : Fine Art Series

Have you heard Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish? I heard it for the first time this passed weekend and got inspired to do an art series so here it is. My take, my meaning for the art series is a possession of negative thoughts and the trauma is creates…. this is what it would look like if that negativity were painted on your face. I think it’s important to talk about and keep communication open about mental health. Depression, anxiety, shame, etc… bring it into the light. With the lights on, the monster under the bed isn’t so scary. No one should feel alone or feel they need to hide their truth. If you’re feeling buried in negative thoughts, reach out. Talking about it openly really can change your perspective. Trust me, I know. We all have war wounds, scars that like to resurface. Traumas never leave, but they can be managed. #metoo

If you need to talk, click the link here for a list of call lines. Available 24/7.

SeriesKimberly Exshaw