Body Positivity & Weight Gain

body acceptance & weight gain

Now that I have your attention with a 🍑 shot lol... I need to get something off my chest.

I don’t weigh myself anymore. I haven’t for years. But I know I’ve gained weight lately and I can feel it, I can see it. And it had me down, had me hiding. Ive noticed I haven’t posted much of my own work in weeks; I was carrying around shame I wasn’t even aware I had. What its all made me realize is- I’ve been too “busy” to care for myself properly, lovingly. And then I got thinking- well maybe it isn’t even the weight that’s got me down but the lack of care I’ve shown myself lately. Not taking time for myself totally sends a message that I’m not worthy of my own time, my own love. “You can wait. Or who do you think you are to want that?” I’m not worthy of rest, I’m not worthy of care or attention and that everything and everyone is so much more important than me. The weight is just a visual reminder that I haven’t cared about me, I’m not fulfilling my own needs- my health, my well being, my spirit. So what if it’s only 10-15 pounds right? No, it’s 10-15 pounds of spiritual, physical and mental neglect- that’s what it means for ME. I’m eating to comfort, to escape rather than to simply nourish. 🤯 Knowing that I don’t feel at all shameful or guilty but rather full of compassion ❤️ and understanding. (Wouldn’t you feel the same for your best friend?) I am lighter with knowledge and I have an eagerness to just check in with myself and ask me “How are you doing? What do you NEED to feel at peace today?” For me- right now I need to take time out to calm my monkey brain with meditation and check in with Spirit- a nightly ritual I’ve neglected to do. The world will be there when I check back in. I don’t need to start some ridiculous diet or further abuse myself, I’ve already done that. I need my attention, my care, my love and by doing that everything else will fall into place. #trustyourself. How bout you? What do you need? #selfawareness #selfacceptance#bodypositive

Kimberly Exshaw