Artistic Nudes, Yes Please!

I just love nudes… artistic nudes. Nothing raunchy just class with a hint of badassery. There is something so beautiful, powerful, raw, emotive, freeing about them. And so incredibly sensual which I’m all for all the time. (Deep down, I am the most romantic, deeply sensual person there ever was.) But they’re not for everyone and thats cool. I’d never push you beyond your comfort level… boudoir is all about trust and respect! But, honestly, its seriously the best thing ever! Bodies should be celebrated no matter what size or shape. (This is MINE so be kind). Not all nudes are the same and I think its important to know that. My style is definitely on the classy, artistic side. And I am completely obsessed with anonymous, journalistic shots! You can be nude without it meaning sex. It can be just art. There is so much beauty in that. And I understand that for some that can be hard to process. Remove the ego, the societal conditioning and it gets much easier. I love the definition of nude.….

adjective, nud·er, nud·est.

naked or unclothed, as a person or the body.

without the usual coverings, furnishings, etc.; bare:a nude stretch of land laid waste by brush fires.

(of a photograph, painting, statue, etc.) being or prominently displaying a representation of the nude human figure.


a sculpture, painting, etc., of a nude human figure.

an unclothed human figure.

the condition of being unclothed: to sleep in the nude.

I LOVE that the noun is “a sculpture, a painting of a nude human figure”!!! YES!! Yes, it is!! ART, ART, ART!!

I love playing with the highlights, shadows, angles and poses to get it just right for YOU & your fave parts. (Mine is ma butt; as you can tell by the over share haha. I’m a lil obsessed and I hope you have a part or parts that you just love about your body- you’re allowed, just saying). Believe me, angles, poses, shadows are all super important with this kind of art- a missed placed shadow, the wrong angle can make you love or hate an image & its important you fall in love with what YOU have). I love the art of implying too… that’s the best part. A strategically placed sheet, a shadow casting in a specific direction, a hip twist, a curve away, a deep arch… oh my goodness- magic happens. So, don’t be afraid to ask for nudes when you book a session with me! Trust me, once you’re here and nearing the end of a session, you’ll be game cause you’re on cloud nine and feeling so fine! Its my job to make you feel comfortable. Its my job to help you forget about your body insecurities and just go for it! And I’m like really good at my job ;)

PS: yes this is def a wig! I have a growing collection that I’m obsessed with but they don’t always cooperate especially round my face but I’ll get it! Do ya have any tips for me to make it look more natural cause I’m all ears?

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