How do I book a session? The best way to book a session is via email! I suggest heading over here for boudoir and over here for portraits to get familiar with the Experience and Collection options I offer. kimberly@exshawstudios.com

Where are you located? I am located 15 minutes south of Quesnel BC in a quiet, rural community.

How much should I expect to spend? - Boudoir packages start at $499 and go up to $3299 with the option to add on products. Portrait packages start at $399 and go up to $1249.

How far out should I book?  You should plan to book out about 1-3 months in advance. My books fill up quickly! Also, in order to ensure you receive your photos when you need them, you should book your shoot for about 2 months before you need your photos. 

Do you travel for sessions?  I do not currently travel for sessions, but I do have a super cozy cabin - come hang with me!

Will you share my images online? I never share any images of any of my clients unless I have written permission to do so! Once you see your images, you will be able to make the decision to allow me to share any number of images, or NONE at all! Totally up to you!

I'm nervous!! I'm not sure I'm ready! I totally understand! I'd say 99% of my clients 'have never done this before' and 'would never normally do this'. It's intimidating, scary, nerve-wracking......AT FIRST. BUT, I am here to support and guide you through this experience. It’s an AMAZING experience and it's something that I think all women should do when they feel ready. I guide you through pretty much everything from helping you with outfits, to posing and movement during your shoot. I’ve had clients text me outfit photos from change rooms… I gotcha lady! 

Maybe I should wait until I lose weight? NOOOOOOOOOOO, this experience is meant to empower you not make you feel like shit. Poses, wardrobe and lighting work together to make YOU shine. I will guide you every step of the way to ensure your confidence- from posing to wardrobe suggestions to the perfect lighting set up to highlight all your beautiful bits and parts. Have faith and prepare for an empowering experience!

Can I bring a friend/significant other to the photo shoot? No, I am sorry, it is not allowed. Having an extra set of eyes on you makes most women even more nervous and uncomfortable. Not only that, but it distracts me from doing my job which is very frustrating. Cell phone use during the shoot is also prohibited.

How much do you edit? I do a light skin smoothing to all of your images that enhances your natural beauty, but I refuse to remove any permanent features (like tattoos, scars, stretch marks etc) or give you a fake, photoshopped "nip and tuck". I want to show off the real you, so with the right wardrobe, we will show you that photoshop isn't needed to make you look beautiful...you already are beautiful! I am BIG on self acceptance... how do you learn to accept the REAL you if you refuse to look?

Do you photograph men? No, I don’t. I have personal reasons for this- partly because I don’t feel safe #metoo. Also, because I REALLY LOVE photographing women. There’s nothing better than having a someone leave me feeling confident, beautiful and empowered! I’m damn good at what I do and I know where my gifts lie so I’m gonna keep rocking that.