Where Love Resides

I believe love begins and ends within each of us and our willingness to be who we truly are… to be vulnerable, to embrace our truth, our femininity- it shows great strength. Love resides in all the vulnerable places within us especially our shadowy bits & hidden parts. As Brene Brown says, “vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity.” For some of us, myself included, showing vulnerability and sharing our femininity in front of a camera feels too intimate, uncomfortable and even dangerous. It takes great strength and bravery to allow yourself to be truly seen, to show tenderness in a world where we feel the need to hide. This, I believe, is what the world needs more of- vulnerability, self acceptance, truth, the Divine Feminine. Bleed this out into the world. With this series, I wanted to capture our true essence while showcasing the uncomplicated beauty of the subjects. I believe in enhancing your features, not photoshopping them out. I very much appreciate all those who have posed for me, deep gratitude to you all. I know, for many of you, it wasn’t easy to be photographed. YOU are a light that casts a path for other women to follow. #whereloveresides

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