I did my first solo photoshoot with Kim and I was pretty nervous going into it, but she was amazing! She eased any nerves I had and made it so much fun! She’s great at what she does, helps guide you in a way that she thinks will work best for the pictures. She’s super professional but makes you feel like you’re working with a close friend. And the pictures turned out amazing!! I’d recommend her many times over!



I absolutely enjoyed this experience! Kim was so kind, comforting, and patient! This experience can be quite intimidating. But, her calm nature and love of photography made the whole session such an amazing experience. I am in love with my pictures and I look at them often. That is pretty huge for me since half the time I really do not like pictures of myself!



My experience with you professionally was confidence building, empowering and fun. I will be back for a couples shoot soon and a few others, I am now considering due to the positive, fun, relaxed experience I had with you. You see so much beauty in the world and the way it translates to photography is phenomenal, thank you for including me in your art <3 You will always be an inspiration to me.



Kimberly is a truly lovely soul. We had never met in person prior to the shoot and she very quickly made me feel comfortable and at ease. A beautiful and warm connection formed quickly. Thank you Kim.



I enjoyed my experience with Kim very much... she took the time to connect with me before starting the shoot and I immediately felt at ease with her open-hearted, gentle understanding. I was able to relax because I felt her attunement to the essence of Beauty rather than physical appearance. For me, seeing the photos she took was a rare experience of having my own essence reflected back to me. Thank you Kim.



“OMFG!!! I am so in love with them!!! They are beautiful I can’t believe that’s me! Wow literally never seen pictures of myself that I’m like wow I actually love them. That’s truly such a gift. Thank you so much️️️ <3 <3 <3. Eek can’t stop looking!!!”