the experience



After booking & paying your non-refundable session fee, we’ll get together (in-person or over the phone) to chat about wardrobe selection, your hair and makeup style, grooming, etc., along with anything else you’d like to address.


We’ll have a quick chat about what to expect along with a few tips to maximize your experience & end result. From there, we’ll put on some music and begin. I will be there every step of the way- guiding each pose, readjusting rogue hairs and reminding you to breath… I have you covered!



One to two weeks following your session, we’ll meet up and have an in-studio reveal & ordering session where you will be able to choose the images you would like to have included on your crystal USB. You will also have the option to purchase additional digitals (for your USB), and/or purchase gorgeous wall art. I believe heirlooms like these deserve the best! Only the highest quality materials are chosen to print & display your portraits. Product delivery is typically 2-3 weeks after confirmed payment.

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